Why Bother About Life Skills?

It can be the diffrenece between getting that job or not, finding the right partner, making friends easily, feeling well and even being successful in life.


Does sailing through your days feel like this?

Are your sails rippped and broken, flailing randomly in the wind?      

Learn your own ropes, what they do and how they work.    
Know when and how to use them.  

Catch the winds and let them guide you steadlily forward.

How do you get to smoother sailing?

Learn to tune in to the weather inside of you. Can you feel an angry storm warning or teary rain on the way?  Maybe the clouds just won't lift?

Just like sailing in the weather outside: when you know which rope to adjust for your sails to catch the wind and transport you forward, you learn to sail smoothly or manage your daily interactions with much more ease.

How it works

Our social and emotional ability to respond well to things that happen in our days can make a major difference in how we experience life.

Good life skills make it possible to change our own inner weather from turbulent to calm.

When we are able to stay calm inside, new perspectives open up all around us.

More Life Skills

Perhaps the most important
       kind of intelligence.

      How you meet the world
    is how the world meets you.

What we focus on
is what we


Means releasing oneself from destructive emotions.


Bend, don't break, with the winds and storms of your life.

                                                 Let's Make Life Skills a Value!



                                                                                     Have a seat.                    



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