Reach for emotional maturity, learn to let go, show more compassion, be patient with others, deal with stress, use words well, make your contribution to a civilized world...

Take control of your own life and how you experience it.

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The mission of InnerWeather is to support the building of healthy human communities by helping individuals master life skills that are basic, yet life-changing. As individual lives are enhanced, so are their communities. InnerWeather works by helping you master social and emotional life skills through short guided readings and exercises.You will be encouraged to take deliberate action, again and again, to see changes in your life unfold. Ultimately, through our actions and interactions, we help realize and share a world we want to live in.

Why not reach for success and mastery?

Life is like sailing. You must adjust your sails to the circumstances for smooth sailing. consists of text and other source material to help adults learn essential life skills to achieve higher mastery of their own emotional health and happiness, such as:


Communication is more than taking turns talking.


That important ability to know when someone else is hurting.

Decision Making

Even when you don't decide you decide.


If you want others to let you live your life as you choose, you must grant them the same privilege.


Not just the obvious ones, but with friends, family, strangers, yourself and people you see every day but don't know.


Allows you to step back and think before you speak or act.

"Something is nagging at you, and you can't let it go. What can you do to prevent yourself from saying or doing something you will regret?"

Turn the nagging feeling into a whole new dimension.

"Storm warning. Inside. What will you do - let the forces whirl you around and make you run for shelter?"

Or weather the storm with skills and ease?

"It's getting hot in there, inside of you, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Or is there?