Welcome to InnerWeather –

My name is Bente Mirow, and I am the founder of InnerWeather.com.
InnerWeather is my online platform where I write about emotional intelligence and social skills, driven by a need to share my understanding of our abilities to change and the power of our minds, and born out of writing social-emotional life skills curricula for elementary school grades for “180 Degrees Program” (https://180-degrees.com/), books now in use across the US.

I have been writing and editing professionally for others for 35ish years, but for myself for much longer about what my heart demands. I am a transplant from Denmark, residing in California long enough to be unsure of where "home" is.

My eternal search to figure out how to raise my consciousness on demand and understand the human brain and spirit has taken me on many detours through my heart, where I have seen glimpses of my soul. 

Happy to spend long stretches at home reading and writing, I somehow made airplanes and sailboats big parts of my career life, speculating in my lonely hours that I have always been looking for a vessel to take me somewhere to discover something new to understand and to write about.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Humanities with creative writing and the spiritual in art as my focus.

You can reach me at [email protected]